"Twisted Americana Vol. 1"

An internationally diverse group of musicians use original and classic tunes to shine light on social issues, some tongue in cheek other times with tears.

One can’t help but be left with the impressions of a culture and its growth by living through its music. 

This is “Twisted Americana Vol. 1”

 From the poignant strains of the country based origins of American love songs where a tear is jerked out over a beer in a saloon anywhere, through the southern folk blues cotton fields with it's escapism through song to the tongue in cheek slides of its rampant humor.

"Twisted Americana” covers the musical and lyrical gambit of a great and evolving country.

 Listen, laugh, maybe remember and feel a tear swell.

  A  robust, waltzing romp down memory lane A La U.S.A.

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