Mexmo FREE Music Mondays!

Mexmo is featuring a different artist for a week starting on Mondays. you can download songs for FREE at THIS WEEK'S FEATURED ARTIST is MARC MCCLURE! McClure's record company affiliations have been:Warner Bros. "Levitt & McClure" 1969 Capital Records Artist "Joyous Noise", "Joyous Noise Wandering man Suite" & "Marc McClure Songs for Old Ladys and Babys" '70 to'72 Bullalo Gap Artist "Gas, Food & Lodging" '72 to'75 CBS (Epic) Artist "Spanky & Our Gang" 1975 to 1980 Independant Prod. Jim Mason: "Kashmire" 1984 Marc has played with and recorded with and toured with: Pat Boone Delany Bramlett Don Ellis Orchestra Bonny Raitt Joy of Cooking James Lee Stanley Dick Stabile Orchestra Peter Tork Little Feat Leo Kottke Accomplice (Mark Keller & Wendy Webb) Willy Nelson Wendy Waldman He has happily served as a vocalist, guitar, Bass, keyoard, or Steel Guitar player in genre's from Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Rock to Gospel. Attached Images: